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An afforadable whiter smile

Cottage Dental offers a high quality whitening treatment at an affordable price. All teeth whitening procedures can cause some degree of sensitivity to hot and cold which is strongly correlated to the concentration and type of the whitening system used.


We provide only the latest cosmetic dental teeth whitening system. This procedure causes minimal sensitivity when used correctly and is effective in providing a whitening effect without greatly increasing the sensitivity of your teeth.

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Whiter than white...

We would all like whiter and brighter teeth, however Cottage Dental

strongly encourages a healthy - and human - looking smile! It can look strange if your teeth are too much whiter than a natural colour. We recommend that the whitening treatment can be repeated up to 2-3 times depending on how white you would like your teeth but we don't advocate excessive whitening purely for aesthetics as it causes the teeth to become over sensitized.


Contact us at our Inner West Dental Clinic to make an appointment, request a quote or find out more about our whitening procedure.

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