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Replace Missing Teeth, Look Better

No matter what your age, dentures may be the best option for replacing teeth. By keeping the structure of the mouth, you support surrounding teeth and are able to maintain a strong bite. Dentures these days are more comfortable and natural-looking than ever before and allow you to eat all the same foods that you did before.


Whether you need to replace just one, several or all of your teeth, we have different options to suit you.

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Denture Options


Partial dentures may be used if some natural teeth still remain. They fit to the gum line and attach to the adjoining teeth in order to stay in place.


However, they can be easily removed for cleaning or when sleeping.


When all the natural teeth from either the top or bottom row are missing, a full set of dentures may be used. As there are no adjoining teeth to fit them to, these dentures are held in place with adhesive or suction, but can also be easily removed.


These dentures can be used to replace any number of teeth and are secured in place using dental implants. These implants provide a more permanent solution and as such are not removeable. The denture is fitted on top of the implant and looks and feels just like a natural tooth

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