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One Solution, for Life

Dental implants offer a solution for replacing missing teeth that lasts longer than natural teeth. A metal post is fixed into the bone of your jaw and acts like the root of the tooth. Caps or dentures are fitted onto the implant to look like real teeth. The implant eventually fuses with the bone and so becomes permanent.

The only teeth you need to worry about replacing now are the natural ones! 

Contact Cottage Dental in Sydney's Inner West to find out more. 

The Advantages of Implants

When considering the many different options for replacing a missing tooth, implants offer a number of important advantages:

  • Durable - With proper care, dental implants can last a lifetime

  • Comfortable - Implants become part of your natural configuration so they feel just like natural teeth

  • Convenient - No need to remove them for cleaning or sleeping, like with dentures

  • Natural-Looking - We can match the crowns to the colour of your other teeth for a natural-looking result

  • Health Benefits - Using an implant mimics the presence of a real tooth and helps to maintain the structure of the bone, strengthening the overall health of the jaw

To find out more about how implants could work for you, book a consultation with Earlwood Cottage Dental Centre today. 

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