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Tooth Removal for a Healthier Mouth

Our priority at Cottage Dental is to help you maintain or repair your natural teeth so that you can keep them. However, badly damaged teeth will sometimes need to be removed completely and replaced using implants, bridges or dentures.


Extractions are performed using a local anaesthetic to numb the area around the tooth, which is to be extracted. In most cases, the tooth is gently loosened and then pulled out of the mouth, although in some cases we may need to cut away some of the gum to reach the tooth or to break it into smaller pieces for removal.


Inhalation sedation will be offered to patients if they have anxiety around the procedure.


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Some other Reasons for Extraction

Besides tooth decay, there are some other reasons why we may recommend extraction.

  • Bad Alignment - An overcrowded mouth may require the removal of some teeth in order to perform other orthodontic procedures, which aim to improve alignment

  • Infection - Sometimes tooth decay may arrive at the pulp in the centre of the tooth, causing infection. If it is too late to save the tooth use Root Canal Treatment, we may need to remove the tooth altogether in order to prevent the further spread of infection.

  • Periodontal (Gum) Disease - Poor gum health, causing infection of the tissue and bone around the tooth can cause loosening of the teeth, which may then require extraction.


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