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Root Canal Can Save your Tooth

Endodontics is a branch of dentistry that specializes in treating diseases related to the dental pulp, which is the area around the tooth. If the tooth is infected, then root canal may be recommended as an alternative to removing the whole tooth.

If saving the natural tooth is possible, we always recommend that. Removing the tooth can cause shifts around the mouth that affect bite, jaw alignment and can make it more difficult to clean, causing more issues like decay or infection.

What happens?

A root canal is a straightforward procedure, which usually takes no more than one or two appointments. During the treatment, our endodontist will:

  • Remove the infected pulp to deal with the infection

  • Clean the inside of the tooth in order to prevent reinfection

  • Fill and seal the tooth to save the natural tooth

A local anesthesia is used so it doesn't feel any different to a regular filling, although there may be some swelling or discomfort afterwards.

If you have any pain or sensitivity, you may need a root canal. Make an appointment for a consultation today at our Earlwood dental clinic.

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